Bhad Bhabie Scholarship Application
Bhad Bhabie Scholarship

Bhad Bhabie Scholarship Application: How to Apply

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The Bhad Bhabie Scholarship Application is currently accepting new student applications from all corners of the globe. The scholarship program is sponsored by Danielle Bregoli, also known as Bhad Bhabie, who has partnered with the Educapital Foundation to provide a $1.7 million award for individuals pursuing technical and trade school educations, as well as those interested in entrepreneurship. For those seeking to apply, the following information provides a comprehensive guide on the Bhad Bhabie Scholarship Application process.

$1.7M Bhad Scholarship Award

Fifty “Bhad Scholarship” Graduates will be selected for the Bhad Bhabie Scholarship Application to receive $10,000 in start-up capital to launch their own business upon graduation. In addition, Bhad Bhabie will hand-select ten graduates to receive a full-ride to a trade school of their choice, valued up to $20,000.

In order to qualify for the Bhad Bhabie Scholarship Application, you must meet the following criteria:  

1. Graduate of The Bhad Scholarship Award, visit and click on apply

2. Maintained a “B” average or above.

3. Maintained a 90% attendance rate.

4. Met any additional requirements outlined by your instructor.

5. Received an invitation code*

What does the scholarship include?

The scholarship includes:

• $1,000,000 in $1,000 scholarships awarded to 1,000 trade school students.

• $500,000 in $10,000 scholarships for startup capital awarded to 50 graduates.

• $200,000 in $10,000 full-ride scholarships awarded to graduates for local trade school tuition or other higher education expenses.

How does the scholarship work?

The scholarship pays $1,000 towards your trade school education. You will be matched with a school based on the program you select, tuition financing you prefer, and program availability.

What kind of schools do you partner with?

We partner with nationally accredited and vetted schools nationwide, including Berkeley College, CUNY, Rutgers University and more.

What if I’m already enrolled in school?

The scholarship award is for new students only.

Am I responsible for the tuition balance? If so, does the school offer payment plans?

Yes, you are responsible for your tuition balance. Most schools offer financial aid, including monthly payment plans.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

For any additional questions, please contact Michelle Miller at Educapital Foundation

What are the next steps?

Click the “Apply” button below to apply for the Bhad Bhabie Scholarship Application.

How do I apply for the $10,000 Business start-up grant or the full-ride?

If you meet the academic requirements for the Bhad Bhabie Scholarship Application upon graduation, you will receive an invitation code. For more information, please visit

How do I get the bhad scholarship invitation code

All Graduates will receive an invitation code if they have met the above criteria. If you have met the criteria and have not received an invitation code, please email

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