How to Open a United Arab Emirates Bank Account in Nigeria

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The banking sector in the UAE today has a huge number of international and local banking institutions, so you can take the benefit of opening a bank account as a non-resident with a bank depending on your preferences. We have good news that bank account opening for Nigeria nationality in UAE is possible now, so if you are a Nigerian and looking to open a bank account in UAE then this is the time to avail the benefit of the banking system of the UAE. To proceed with it easily and in a successful manner then communicate with the Bazeinfo professional who will guide you during this process and provide you best possible help at an affordable rate.

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most favored nations for running a business. Information about the banking system is useful to those who make a plan to launch their business in the UAE. The UAE’s central bank was founded in 1980. Like several other states of the globe, its major task is to prevent the country’s economy from collapsing. The central bank also controls inflation and charges and is in control of the gold funds of the government.

there are mainly four kinds of banks in the United Arab Emirates which conduct under the careful supervision of the UAE’s Central Bank. All banks in the UAE conduct in English and Arabic language, giving smooth services to persons around the world. There are about eight completely functional Islamic banks that provide Shariah-compliant services and adhere to Islamic banking principles and laws to make profits. The UAE banks give worldwide norms services, with financial reporting and worldwide accounting.

Best Banks for Bank Account Opening for Nigeria Nationality in UAE

1. First Abu Dhabi Bank

The merger of First Gulf Bank and National Bank of Abu Dhabi bank built the biggest bank by assets. its branches are spread in the UAE, involving the Omani and Saudi borders. Thanks to a rapport with Etihad Airways, certain account holders can get air miles on every transaction with the Abu Dhabi-located airline.

2. Emirates NBD

The biggest banking group across the Middle East is headquartered in Dubai and recently handles 221 branches and 1,023 cash machines in the United Arab Emirates and abroad. This conducts through various business sectors comprising retail banking and wealth maintenance, Islamic banking, wholesale banking, international, and information technology. This is one of the first to adopt and start innovative services like robot helpers and one-minute money transfer services.


With the 10 branches and 70 ATMs in the UAE, it could give convenience along with multiple currency accounts, 50 percent off on credit cards with cashback and movie tickets, and a debit card. They also have a complete selection of loans, business insurance, and accounts packages.

4. Citibank

This bank is yet suitable to utilize Citibank specifically as their online banking instruments linked all the accounts you possess with them all around the globe. All the bank account comprises the option of multiple currencies.

All the banks in the UAE would give a complete range of facilities comprising credit cards and debit cards and loan possibilities. Fees can differ greatly because they compete against each other and can give specific deals in a timely manner and perhaps when you arrive at one, would be giving a particular that is difficult to pass.

Documents Required for Bank Account Opening for Nigeria Nationality in UAE

The documents required for bank account opening in the UAE as a Nigeria citizen are :

  • Valid passport with the UAE entry stamp
  • Passport photograph
  • Duly filled application form for bank account opening
  • Proof of Emirates ID or residence visa
  • A document saying the name of your employer and the details of your salary
  • Recommendation letter from your last bank
  • No Objection Certificate from the UAE partner

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