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Paypal: How to Open a Fully Verified UAE Paypal Account in Nigeria

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PayPal is the online wallet service of an American financial institution registered in the United States and several countries. The company is also registered in other countries including Canada, Luxemburg, Singapore, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

It serves a global marketplace and is by far the biggest internet wallet service.

The service opened up to dozens of countries in the year 2014. It became officially available to residents of Nigeria in July 2014. Before then, only Nigerian residents in countries supported could open and operate an account.

Requirements for Opening an Account in Nigeria

  • You need a valid email address. This is the primary requirement. PayPal would attempt to validate the email address by sending a message. You would need to confirm the existence of the email address by following the steps in the message they send.
  • You would also need a Visa or Mastercard linked to a Nigerian bank account. This could be a credit or debit card. This is necessary for verifying your PayPal account. The service would debit a tiny amount from the card and once you confirm the transaction, the account would be fully Verified.
  • As of December 2018, Interswitch’s Verve card does not work with the service.

How To Open UAE PayPal Account in Nigeria

To open a working UAE PayPal account in Nigeria you need the following

  • Your Email address
  • Name
  • Billing address
  • Passport number
  • Phone number

Most of all these are gonna be fake. don’t be scared because even with that it’s working fine. am also using a UAE PayPal account here and I also have USA as well so I know what am saying.

Step. 1 Visit the UAE PayPal link and click on Signup then you will see these two options to select your account type.

Step. 2: Select the Personal Account or business depending on the type of account you want to create. For the purpose of this tutorial, I selected Personal account: Mind you after creating a personal account you can later upgrade it to a Business account if you wish. It’s very easy.

Step. 3: Make sure the country is shown as the United Arab Emirates just like it’s in my screenshot after that fill in your details (Your First and last name, Your email and Your password)

Step. 4: Then when you continue to the next page it will show you as below. fill in your date of birth (must not be real) Select passport number and Add any Six digits numbers there in the area of PO BOX just put 18004 Fill in your city as shown below and select your state as Abu Dubai. for phone number, select Nigeria country code and then input your original Nigeria phone number for verification purposes and also to receive codes.

After that, you can now complete your registration and verify your email through the confirmation link sent to you and you’re all done. The next thing is linking your Credit or Debit Card to verify your PayPal account.

How to link Credit or Debit Card to your UAE PayPal account

Does Naira Card also work on this UAE PayPal account? Yes, it does. you can link your Naira Master Credit or Debit Card for verification. But not all bank do work. For me i linked my UBA Africard prepaid dollar card – it costs less than $4 to get this card at any UBA Bank, the good thing is you can get this Africard even if you are not a UBA Bank customer, you don’t need to have any account with UBA Bank before you can ger the UBA Africard, Alternatively, you can use an online virtual card services, i will take about this in my next post.

Just login to your newly created PayPal account: You can log in from any Link even with no issues. Then select Wallet and click on Link Card. Put your card details and link your card

After linking the Card, You will be redirected back to your Card page. Click on the Card you just Added and Select the option to Verify Card.

You Bank will send You 4-digit verification Codes: This might take up to 24hrs but once the code arrives you can then login to your account and use the code to finish the verification process.

They will charge you $1.98 USD or so but after verification, they will later refund you the money in 24hrs time. When your account is verified your status will show like:

It will only show verified when you have done the verification otherwise it will redirect you back to your dashboard which means your verification isn’t complete.

How to withdraw money from a UAE PayPal account

This is possible by adding bank account number and routing number given to you by Payoneer.

  1. Visit to create an account, you will be given a US payment service information, such as bank name, routing number, account number and account type.
  2. Drag the pointer to the right hand of your homepage or dashboard and hover it on the “spanner” icon, then tap on Account Setting or on Confirm your account as it may appear.
  3. From the drop-down menu, click on money, banks and cards, then choose Link a bank
  4. Scroll down and click on Link a U.S Bank Instead
  5. Select Checking as your account type.
  6. Enter the Bank details that you had received from Payoneer US Payment Service, like Account number and Routing number. (You can also get this info by login to your Payoneer account, from the home page, click ‘Global Payment Service ‘. You will see the needed detail there).
  7. Then click on the ‘Link your Bank‘ button. This may take 2-3 business days to get processed.

Once you are able to do this correctly, your Payoneer account becomes linked and verified with UAE PayPal! You will need to wait for a while before PayPal will charge Payoneer a little confirmation fee, this is usually done twice, unlike the card method.

Once your account has been charged successfully, you will be able to transfer the money paid into your PayPal to the US bank, which you added and you can withdraw it in your local bank or through ATM with the Payoneer Card issued to you.

Conclusion: How to Create UAE PayPal Account in Nigeria

With all of the above steps, you’ve learnt how to open UAE PayPal account in Nigeria. Now you can send and receive funds worldwide without limitations.

But here’s my advice for you: Whenever you get paid, don’t leave huge earning on your PayPal account instead as soon as your money arrives in bulk you discard them. So even if anything has incidentally you will have no loss to bear.

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