Foodstuff Exportation
Foodstuff Exportation

How to Start Foodstuff Exportation Business in Nigeria

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Start Mini Foodstuffs Exportation from your homes. Learn How to Make Money in Nigeria through Export of Foodstuff.

One myth a lot of people believe about Exportation is that it is a business for the rich as it is a bit capital intensive.
Of course exporting other materials like cars, building materials, etc are expensive but not so with exportation of foodstuff.

As funny as it may sound, it is as easy as sending goods from Lagos to Port Harcourt via a courier service.

Due to the rise in dollar, venturing into this business could be very lucrative.

All you need is the right information and you’re on your way to making LOTS OF MONEY exporting common foodstuffs, that’s why we teach only serious people who are Willing to learn.

I welcome you all to these business, its my earnest desire for you to succeed and become a great Exporter .


I know of people racking lot of income from this business weekly, those I have trained and others who had been long into it.

This is a great business, i tell you.

Start Your Own Mini-Exportation Of Agro products like Melon, Dry Fish, Bitterkola, Garri etc to Over 20 Countries Including United State & UK.

Agro Products and Foodstuffs Export benefits;

— It’s simple to send out fast…

— You can do the business from home.

— You can start with very minimal fund…

— It has the tendency to make you 155% return on investment…

Most importantly is….

— it’s majorly the value you add to yourself and to others.

Agro products Export offers you a means to several Ends”!

Most Agro products export business does not require you to do the processing as you can buy the process ones and export like it’s bought from the processor or dealer …

All you need do is package it.

Cocoa seed, Bitterkola and many others agro products and foodstuffs exportation has been one of the major means of Revenue to our Beloved Nation Nigeria before the oil boom.

I’m extremely sure you know this already that’s why you are here.

However, its huge business.

Well, it depends on what you are looking at to achieve your financial goal of making Extra Income and having multiple streams of revenue.

You can just end your search for how to make extra income today!

I can tell you BOLDLY that selling AGRO PRODUCTS on International Food Market is a GREAT business opportunity you need to consider.

Do you wish to be among the set of people making cool profit from these agro products….


We have an ebook guide that will take you through the step by step process on how to start and run a successful mini exportation business in Nigeria.

Our Course Outline Are;
1). What foodstuff business is all about.
2). Ways to get international buyers.
3). 50 foodstuff items you can export.
4). How to package the goods.
5). How to transport it.
6). How to start small in this exportation business.
7). How to know the genuine ones.
8 ). How to start and grow the business locally.
9). Mistakes you should avoid.
And Many more…

Let me know in the comment section or use the contact page if you need the ebook, thanks.

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